Beste lezers,

Ik, Marjon van der Vegt, ben nieuw op Haagspraak, en lanceer vandaag mijn eerste gedicht. Ik wens iedereen genoeg.


Lieve groeten, Marjon

Auteur: M@rjonwrites

52 year young Lady, Singlemum, very cultural, I love to act, to go to the theater, to read, to write poetry, to take photo's of people, nature, art. I love music, movies. I carry My tongue on my sleeve ( Dutch saying) I say what I feel, and that's the way I write. I wish you all enough :) I also handout ' Free hugs ' for the 5th time this year. I wish that people should be more friendly towards each other, more accepting, more open, more friendly more caring, and this is just one way of showing that ! Other then this I sell tickets at the Theater " Vrij Theater " in The Hague. There are allot of awesome plays to watch, so come if you're interested and I've a link here from the website too in the links. I love life, and I wish you all enough. M@rjon

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